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NEW ! Download Pytch Images Directly from the ClickBank Marketplace!
Mobile advertising never looked this good! Make it easy for your affiliates to run Pytch mobile campaigns.

Pytch is a mobile ad platform that provides advertisers the ability to make more money, with the support of the strong ClickBank backbone. Pytch works by pairing your health, fitness and lifestyle video or mobile banner ads with great mobile app developers. After you upload your creative media, Pytch’s internal algorithms go to work putting your ads in front of the right people, increasing your mobile app advertising revenue.

And now, right from the ClickBank marketplace, affiliates can directly access the creative resources they need to promote your products!

By clicking on the link under the Vendor Spotlight section, affiliates can access and use the creative resources you’ve provided to run their campaigns. Images, banners and other creatives can all be uploaded and stored here. Therefore, you are saving both time and effort for your affiliates, while keeping your branding and messaging consistent.

Keep in mind, any creative assets that are stored in this section are still subject to the Pytch approval process.

The better prepared your affiliates are, the more successful they will be! As a vendor, how have you enabled your affiliates to be successful? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page.

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