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TID’s (Tracking ID’s) can be entered into CBPRESS through the global settings system to track sales on a site by site basis. If you have multiple web sites working with the same ClickBank affiliate ID, this TID is essential in pinpointing the site that is providing you with the most sales.

If you have found a product that converts fairly well, product specific TID’s can be used to track the sales through different pitch pages to identify which page is converting better. Compare each page’s views with the number of sales … the conventional metric is sales per view, which is a ratio that would be less than 1. Once you determine the highest converter, you can focus your traffic on that page and possibly start another A-B test to see if you can improve conversions even more.

Cautions with A-B testing:

  • Your copy for each test needs to be UNIQUE. Do not create duplicate content issues for yourself when you are testing sales.
  • Make sure you are tracking the views on each page you are testing for sales conversions.  Your sales data is meaningless unless you are tracking it against traffic.
  • Conversion changes can be very dramatic across pages.  Consider the tone of your sales pages – compare emotional appeals to more factual writing and see which page converts better.
  • Consider Refunds in your comparison!  If your conversions increase but your refunds have also increased, consider a new approach.  This is especially important if you are buying traffic.

TID Testing:

Since CBPRESS automatically cloaks the affiliate and TID information in your link, you are going to have to go all the way to the ClickBank checkout page of your product to test that your TID is included.  If you scroll to the bottom of the ClickBank sales page, you will find tracking ID next to your affiliate ID, if it is being registered.

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