#Valentine … You know … still is day filled flowers, laughter, joy, happiness. Is a heart-shaped chocolate bars wrapped in a red bow tie gift box lovely, is the tight grip your hands warm, fun smiles, kisses so sweet and romantic confession.
Actually not wait until Valentine’s Day, people give and receive love like that, and not wait until the day once a year to express love, but perhaps Valentine is the day people feel braver than her choice of love, love more than what is there and cherish moments of love flooded everywhere. When the bells ring, sinking in the melodies of an ancient immortal songs, hand in hand with the one you love … warm, safe and peaceful … really special feeling, pale bracelets and unforgettable, you?
You know … whether as an endless rotation stops there, though still anxious, busy for a normal life, although others yesterday you today, but she was so much … is you. Still dreams from childhood to school, still vague about the romantic love, still dreaming of someone who will hold you go through life. There is a luxury not? Valentine to me, is still the sun, wind, moon, star, flower still, as a gift, the candles, the romantic moments, silly love letters, sincere and skin away. Is the message “inadvertently” strayed, is tiny but the fun and see spread more love life.
Thank you because you still love, respect and trust in the eyes of someone.
Thank you for you to add a day to give and receive love like that again …
I still believe in all paths up and down, in the hustle of life, according to the pleasure seemed the most simple, two people will suddenly recognize each other … And I wish the rain would fall in the night Valentine, mild, enough for someone to feel the warmth of each other’s needs, and the winds will come in Valentine’s night, mild, enough for someone to feel each other’s shoulders and needed miracles are real …

Lovers will come together … the train will find its final station … so believe it !

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